New Year- fresh starts.

Happy New Years everyone!!!!
Hope you all had as much of a brilliant night as I did!!! I basically partied with friends, went down to the castle to be there for midnight and saw the fireworks, then we went back to someones hotelroom to continue the party. I was so drunk that I left quite early, but still had a great night!!

Today, I've been hanging with the hangover from hell, haha. But heey, atleast I had a wonderful night, thank you ladies for that!! :) <3

click on the pictures to enlarge them :)

And, I've got a few new years resolutions. To quit nicotine all together, and to stop eating so much pizza (hahaha, hey atleast I've not gained weight at all, love that! lol). I'm gonna do it, it's for the best (quitting nicotine), just going to use up what I've got stocked up lol. It'll be great!! And then I've got a few personal resolutions that I'm going to go through with :)

Now, shower is waiting for me, I'm in at work tomorrow, haha. I'll probably update again later!



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