Back in London...

Honestly I don't know how I feel about that... I hate saying goodbye, I get so emotional... but I'm really really hoping to go back to Sweden during easter holidays, so that'll be good and it's only like 3½-4 months left so hopefully that'll pass by quickly. And in 1½ years I'll be a qualified nurse, woop!!

And oh yes, happy 19th birthday to my little brother!!!! <3 I love you bro, you're the best brother anyone could ever ask for!!

Since being back here, I've spent the evening with my housemates watching TV, eating Swedish meatballs and lingonberryjam (brought it over with me, hehehehe). Denying the fact that we're starting university again tomorrow morning. Speaking of that I should probably try to sleep, I'm absolutely exhausted.

I'll update tomorrow, a more ... cheerful update hahaha.
I'm sorry, just being emotional due to everything that has happened in London and being back and just everything. But hey, new year, a new me. You won't ever recognize me now. Going back to Sweden did me good and gave me perspective on certain things. :).



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