you know i wont say sorry, the pain has a bad reaction, a blend of fear and passion

... you know what its like to belive, it makes me wanna scream.


When life gives you lemons, take it with salt and tequila!

I am back, bitchees ;)
Well as I cannot remember my passwrod for my old blog(that I last wrote in september 2010), I, with the help of my wifey (Anna Wall for those of you whos's new to my blog) re-created my blog.
Soooo... I now live in London, UK, 2nd year student nurse and loving it!! But right now, chirstmas holiday and back in Sweden, at my old work where it all started, mahahha.
So uhm yea welcome to my new blog, I'll be updating about life and all that there is to it: friends, parties, fashion(shopping hahah), life as a student nurse and life in London.
And thank you to my darling Anna for fixing my header to me, its gorgeous!
Those of you who know me, knows what my life's been like since I moved to London so instead of a long boring rambling update about that, I'll continue on from today and onwards!

You know you love me

(hahahahahahahaha I just had to ;)...)

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