Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret...

Brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, premiered in the US last night. Watched it today, all I can say is oh my god... How I love that tv show, its so capturing!! <3


Otherwhise today, I've been at work.. same old same old haha :P But it is fun, I've really missed my old work since moving to London, the people, and all the laughs!! Its almost as if I never even left, which is so amazing to come back to. Sometimes I wonder why I even moved... then again, I am fulfilling my dream right now; halfway through studies to be a nurse, loving it! I've evolved so much as a person since moving, its unbelivible. I've been through extreme happiness and extreme sadness- right now I don't honestly know how its going to be to go back to London. All I have to keep in mind is to think positive and that everything happens for a reason, as hard as it may be to stay positive, I'm gonna have to to make it through my studies... And on the bright side, when I'm done I'll just move to California, USA or somewhere in Australia and be happy again far far away from the misery thats happened in London... There are amazing memories too of course but its too painful being there and constantly being reminded of the misery that I've been through there... But, staying positive and hanging in there 1½ years left only, wooohoo.. :)

Anywayyy, some Home & Away is up (australian tv show), and sleep of course, another day at work tomorrow ;D



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