Never lie to someone who trusts you & never trust someone who lies to you.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Coming back to London of course had to mean drama. Just 1 and a half years left.... then I'm gonna move as far away as possible from this mirseble drama- to Australia. Cannot actually wait! To find happiness again. I bet I can here in London, I know I can, and probably will too, but its hard. But when have I ever said no to a challenge? ;)

Have been kinda bleuurgh this past few days, missing home, family and friends.

Good thing is, I'm starting a new diet tomorrow, been on that diet before. To get myself motivated again, on... just life itself. Yes, I belive that that'll help me. :).

I promise to update properly soon and I do apologise for the lack of updates.

My inspiration & motivation. Fashion, style, and just everything. She always has been. Mary-Kate Olsen. <3



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