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Staff meeting today with my old work, that I've worked at since being back here for christmas. plus activity (bowling) and dinner. lets just say I'm so not the worst at bowling anymore :P so much fun!! I've really missed the people, and I'll miss them again!
Its funny how London could turn from so fun and amazing to what I think of it now- I don't want to go back. a part of me does of course, as I've said earlier I'm fulfilling my dream in life: being a nurse, and I'm halfway there, and I'm not one to give up on something that I truly want.
Anyhow, have had a really amazing afternoon & night, eventhough the restaurant we went to wasn't the best.. we managed to have a laugh anyway!
Got home and watched Inception with my family, such a great movie! Although I was so exhausted that I fell asleep 3/4 into the movie, but I don't mind watching it again haha.
Working in the morning, my last day at work before I go back to London :(. And plus, leaving for an hour in the morning from work to go to a massage, my dad bought me a 60 minute massage session at this professional place because of my back problems. ... I should probably try to get some sleep, 2.30am and I'm going out clubbign after work tomorrow with a friend from work, it'll be amaaazing!!... but I prefer music & watching home&away hehehe. Love the australian dialect. I've decided that I'm off to australia to work when I qualify as a nurse, woop!!
Anyhow going to stop the rambling now, hahaha.



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