All good things has come to an end...

why does that have to be so true? seriously, WHY?!?!
worked my last day at my old work today, saadface :( I'm going to miss you all, again. All the laughs, jokes and so on. But I WILL be back, hopefully around easter-time :D
Also, had a 60 min professional massage today, where I found out what the cause of my back agony is. Rotation of the back / pelvis, most probably due to previous falls in my youth (haha I sound so old saying that), and work related damage maybe, probably. So I'll need a chiropractor to click it/fix it/rotate it back to place... now that will hurt... but it needs to be done, as a future nurse I WILL need my back! so if I return to Sweden during easter I'll get that sorted.

Also I stayed up all night watching the Junior Worldchampions finals in ice hockey, Sweden vs Russia. Dammit it was a nailbiter but Sweden won in the end, sudden death about 10 mins in, up until that point the socre was 0-0. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :D

Nothing else is new, was supposed to go clubbing tonight but 1) my friend has fallen ill in fever and all of that and 2) I'm sooo exhausted and havent slept in over 35 hours. Easter, I tell ya ;)

I can't belive I'm flying back on Sunday, I don't want to leave :(
Anyhow I'm going to go and spend some time with my family now, while I can you know.

me at 6.30am this morning, after watching the game and one hour before work... no sleep at all, looking very... exhausted lol. and no I have no idea where that bruise on my wrist is from... probably from work by opening a carton too fast or something? hahaha.



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